My website hit a new traffic record this month. And nothing happened.

Since late 2016, I’ve had a website at It was originally a social media freelance agency. Then a website design agency. Then a full service digital marketing agency.

Until I got sick of training people only to see them defect to some overpaid government job within 3 months. #territoryproblems

It’s now my digital marketing and business systems training website. I don’t build websites anymore, but I show people how to do it themselves.

Over the time I’ve had the site, I’ve written nearly 700 articles and landing pages. It’s massive. There’s now 813 pages on this thing.

And this week the site hit a record: It brought in just over 8,000 unique viewers in a week. 8000+ people arrived at my website, mostly from the USA and mostly on articles that I had written to answer very specific questions about marketing, social media and personal branding.

And I made exactly $0 from the people who visited my site.

I have been writing blog after blog and guide after guide on that website for seven years now and it brings me almost no revenue at all.

And there’s a very good reason for that.

My website is bringing all the wrong people to my website because the content isn’t relevant to my business.

I have learned a lot about search engine optimisation over the years. And one of the most valuable things I learned is that it usually takes a long time to get results from your SEO work.

In fact it took my nearly five years and 500 articles on my website for Google to treat me as some kind of authority in what I do. After over 700 articles, I now have 52 featured snippets and a similar number of #1 ranks on Google for things I have written about.

But again, is any of that bringing me revenue?


This newsletter brings me reliable monthly revenue. My LinkedIn profile brings me new work every month of the year. My networking events bring new business every month.

But my website barely moves anyone to book me for anything.

That’s because this website was made for what my business used to do.

So am I deleting the site and starting again? No way, José!

Even if all the wrong people are coming to that site, there’s an opportunity to earn revenue through other means. Even if they aren’t booking my time or training, I can use affiliate links to earn commissions. I can also develop a course or some kind of digital asset that people can pay to access.

I’ll be looking at that during my planning time at Christmas.

But I have another website. And it’s delivering new work like crazy.

While you might not need two houses, you can always rent out one of them!

I have a second website. It’s much more relevent to what I do now. And this is the one where I am booked for new consultations and training work every week.

It’s not as pretty as my Clickstarter site and it has less traffic. But I am still getting around 1000 unique visitors each week to

And now that it’s been running solidly for a couple of years, I now have Google featuring some of my articles there as well. And I’ve scored 6 #1 positions in search – along with nearly 30 top-5 search results.

This isn’t anywhere near as big as my Clickstarter site. But this smaller site makes up for it’s lack of traffic with a tonne more revenue.

In fact, it generates at least three new consultation bookings each week and two new training bookings each month. It more than pays for itself – and makes 120 times more for me over a year than the prettier and more visited site does.

So, continuing to maintain the busy site is worth it only if I can “rent it out” to affiliate product links that I trust and believe in – as well as building up this new site that is delivering very real work and real revenue right now.

And that’s ok. If you’ve been reading any of my stuff this past year, you’ll know that I am a big fan of diversifying revenue opportunities. It’s why I can’t work full time jobs. I just can’t trust my life to a single source of income.

This same things applies to your social media and marketing activities.

At some point we have to audit everything we do in our businesses and lives.

We all know that busy doesn’t mean productive. And popular doesn’t mean wealthy. So we need to look at our social media the same way that I’m looking at my websites.

Do I need the old website? No.

Is there another opportunity to use it to generate revenue? Absolutely yes.

You might have an Instagram profile that has a few thousand followers. So you feel compelled to keep producing Reels and multiple Stories a day and the most gorgeous feed posts each week.

But is that profile making you money or leading to opportunities for you?

Could that profile be better served doing something else?

Or when you take a look at who your followers are (and few people ever check this) do you notice that there appear to be a lot of blank, dodgy and utterly irrelevant people in there that are never going to be your client or customer?

Gary Vaynerchuk has become famous for highlighting that we spend our lives “working at jobs we hate to make money to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t even like.”

Does that sound a little like what you’re doing in your social media, networking, blogging and marketing activities?

Are you working at things that will drive revenue – or at least build an environment that will encourage revenue?

Or are you flogging yourself doing things you don’t like to get attention from people who aren’t relevant in order to keep your reach and engagement high enough to make you feel important and popular?

If the second part of that sounds a little too familiar and hits a little too close to home, then you can do something quite wonderful that won’t hurt your business or career at all.


You’ve got nothing to lose if all that effort isn’t leading to anything anyway.

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