Standing out on LinkedIn is being more visible to employers, and other businesses who want to work with you and generally being more interesting. After all, it doesn’t matter whether economic times are good or bad, it helps to have an edge.

You can use various strategies and tactics to make your profile more interesting, engaging, and attention-grabbing. This article will look at unconventional ideas and techniques that will make your profile stand out and confuse your competition. Here are three key points to consider to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:

Slight more unconventional techniques for creating a standout profile

One of the most common LinkedIn mistakes is simply copying and pasting their resume into their profile. While this contains all the necessary information, it could be a more exciting and engaging read. Consider using storytelling techniques to create a narrative about your professional journey. This could include illustrating your skills and experiences with analogies, metaphors, or personal anecdotes.

Another option is to use multimedia content to showcase your work. This could include embedding videos, audio clips, or images demonstrating your abilities and achievements. If you’re a graphic designer, you could put up a portfolio of your work or embed a time-lapse video of you working on a design.

Unusual Ideas for Making Your Profile Memorable

Consider incorporating unconventional ideas into your LinkedIn profile if you want to stand out. Create a personalised infographic that summarises your career journey, for example, or use emojis to illustrate your skills and experiences. Alternatively, you could inject some personality into your profile by using humour. For instance, include a funny meme related to your industry or write a witty summary showcasing your sense of humour.

Another thing to consider is using unusual formatting to make your profile more visually appealing. You could highlight important information with different font sizes and colours or use bullet points to break up text into more digestible chunks. While there are limits to what you can do here as far as fonts and colours go, you can still write in patterns that get noticed, a mix between uppercase and lowercase, and even writing in a style that sees you create big hooks and headlines that really draw people in. This will result in a visually appealing profile and easy to read.

Creative Profile Examples

Let’s look at some examples of LinkedIn profiles that stand out from the crowd to get you started. 

First up is Andrew Kamphey, a content strategist who creates a visually stunning profile with a minimalist design and bold typography. 

Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva, uses a personalised banner image and an eye-catching summary to attract attention. She also has a third-person story told about her in her description.

Finally, Ellie Middleton, an advocate for ADHD and Neurodiversity, creates an engaging profile using storytelling techniques and bright photos that match her brand and everyday look.

To summarise, if you want your LinkedIn profile to stand out, you must think outside the box and be creative.

You’ll be able to create a unique and memorable profile by employing unusual techniques, unconventional ideas, and examples of creative shapes. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

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