Codesign group in Darwin

Strategic Plan Facilitation & Workshops in Darwin.

Using Co-design and Generational Design Models.

  • Set the stage by introducing your goals for the session and introducing participants
  • Get an understanding of where your organisation is at right now
  • Brainstorm ideas from all participants ensuring that all opinions are heard
  • Identify your organisation’s specific goals and objectives in the short and long term
  • Develop the strategy based on a combination of the goals and  ideas generated
  • Establish the mission statement
  • Create the action plan
  • Document the new strategy for feedback and adoption 

Co-Design & Generative Design Strategic Planning Facilitator in Darwin, Northern Territory

I’ve worked with many local organisations to assist them with putting together their strategic plans.

Some of these organisations include:

  • Lions Club of Darwin
  • Territory Proud
  • Darwin Pride (now Top End Pride)
  • Skål International Darwin
  • Darwin Small Business Network
  • LinkedIn Local™ Darwin
  • True Blue IT Services
  • and many other small businesses and not-for-profits


As a Co-Design and Generative Design Strategy Facilitator, I guide organisations on the journey of innovation by putting collaboration at the heart of problem-solving.

My Co-Design approach involves all stakeholders – from decision-makers to end-users – in the design process, ensuring everyone’s perspectives are valued and heard.

For instance, imagine a school wanting to reimagine its playground. I would facilitate sessions involving teachers, parents, and most importantly, the students – the primary users of the space. Their ideas and dreams would directly shape the new playground design.

My work in Generative Design Strategy goes a step further, harnessing the power of technology and computation to explore a myriad of design solutions based on defined parameters.

Picture a furniture company looking to create the perfect ergonomic chair. I would assist in establishing the chair’s desired attributes – comfort, durability, aesthetics, etc. We would then use advanced generative design software to create hundreds of potential designs, refining our parameters based on user feedback until we find the perfect chair design.

My role is about empowering your organisation with a deeper understanding of your users, fostering a culture of creativity, and using advanced design strategies to deliver superior products and services.

Whether it’s redesigning a public space, creating a user-friendly app, or developing a revolutionary product, my goal is to ensure that your solutions are thoughtful, innovative, and, most importantly, user-centred.

Together, we’ll create designs that inspire, serve, and succeed.

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Facilitation of Strategic Sessions

3 hour session at your location:
$750 + GST

3 hour session at my location (catered)
$1000 + GST

Writing of your strategic plan (post session)

$500 + GST

Additional Options for your planning session

If you are located outside of Darwin, sessions can be performed either online, or in-person. In-person events are always more fruitful. A quote can be provided that include travel costs.