Dante St James

Early-stage and commercialisation support for Australian Start-ups

  • Validate your ideas before you spend too much
  • Build pitches that inspire and excite
  • Understand the start-up journey
  • Move from idea to product
  • Seek funding from government and investors
  • Avoid common startup traps
  • Make use of local and national networks

Support for Start-Ups in Darwin and Regional Australia

Early-stage startups need a lot of support and guidance to move them from vague ideas to commercial successes. When there’s not a lot of money to throw around, it can feel like your idea may never see the light of day.

After starting up my own businesses, forming a tech startup (that failed, mind you!) and working alongside other regional Australian start-ups and small businesses I have a few ideas on what works and what doesn’t.

And while every startup is a bit different, there are some principles that remain the same from business to business.

Your idea needs to be valid. And not all ideas are.

Your approach needs to be financially viable. Not all businesses are.

Your attitude needs to be sharp and focused.

Your decisions need to be well-researched and well-made.

Choosing a consultant for your startup journey should be about what they can offer, the networks they move in and what they can really bring to your business. If you’re not getting value from them, kick them out. Simple.

And I’d fully expect you to do that with me if I fail to perform.

Book a free 15-minute call to see what’s possible

Single 1:1 Consultation

1 hour sesion:
$300 + GST

2 hour workshop:
$550 +GST

9 Week Pre-Accelerator

A 9-week pre-accelerator program focusing on your ideas and progress.  Based on my popular group format.

$2500 + GST

Ongoing Support

Digital skills. Mindset. Business processes. Network introduction. Crowdfunding. Venture capital access.

Let talk.