Dante St James

Personal brand.

It’s not just for influencers.

  • Understand your values
  • Find your own voice
  • Conquer your social media fear
  • Be the expert you already are
  • Win more jobs and contracts

Australian Personal Branding Coach and Personal Brand Consultant.

A personal brand is no longer just for influencers. It’s for everyone who has a business or wants to grow their career.

And, it’s not all about what you do – it’s how you do it.

“Your personal brand is how people perceive you, and how you want them to perceive you,” says LinkedIn’s global director of nonprofit and marketing solutions, Julie Harms.

“We’re more than our job titles, and it’s important to remember that. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a journalist, or an engineer, you can’t just be anonymous.”

I have a 10-point system for helping entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals to not only take control of their personal brand but expand it to become their greatest personal and professional marketing asset.

1. Identify and understand your values

2. Know who your audience is and why

3. Understand consistency

4. Know who you are and who you must show up as

5. Being deliberate and intentional

6. Being interesting in a world of social clones

7. Engaging with the audience (even the haters!)

8. Networking & Community

9. Being social even if you’re not sociable

10. Be yourself.

Regardless of your current situation and position, establishing your personal brand can help you develop into a more confident, thoughtful leader. It can build trust in your community, enhance your business opportunities and accelerate your career growth.

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