The guide to writing social media content that you’ve been looking for.

Develop limitless content

Plan out your posts

Get better engagement

For consultants, solopreneurs and owners of service-based businesses, it can be hard to write content.

After all, there are only so many ways that you can describe what it is that you do.

This mini-course delivered over 5 weeks to your inbox will show you a formula that some of the most successful solopreneurs have used on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook.

Some have used it to build their businesses. Others have used to connect more closely with their followers.

How does it work?

It is a series of questions you ask yourself before you write your content.

It lets your write about one thing, one hundred different ways so you never run out of content ideas.

It allows you to have a diversity of content so you and your followers don’t get bored.


Dante St James

This is the same method I used to quadruple my LinkedIn following and increase my LinkedIn engagement over 6 months in 2022.

It’s based on the same principles used by highly influential content creators like Justin Welsh with a few Aussie additions based on my own experience with hundreds of clients and through meeting thousands of business owners across Australia through my work with Business Station, the Northern Territory Government, Chambers of Commerce in WA and QLD as well as Meta (Facebook) Australia and New Zealand.


Dante St James