Forget the hype. Get the facts. Learn how to use ChatGPT like a pro in just 5 days.

Save time on content creation

Write clear, smart prompts

Create without plagiarising

You’d have to have been living under a rock if you’ve not heard of ChatGPT. This artificial intelligence tool has opened up a world of faster, more creative generation of:

  • blogs and articles
  • social media posts
  • ebooks
  • podcast scripts
  • whitepapers & research
  • ideas for stories
  • answers to important questions
  • and way, way more!

In this mini-course delivered daily over five days, you’ll learn how to: 

  1. Ask ChatGPT to act as a specific kind of person or expert while producing writing in whatever style or voice you want
  2. Generate catchy short and long social media text
  3. Generate outlines for articles and the basic content in them
  4. Generate outlines and text for eBooks and Stories
  5. Write or re-write your website content quickly
  6. Create plans for your marketing, social posts and business goals.
Dante St James

Over the Christmas and New Year period of 2022/23 I immersed myself in ChatGPT. After enjoying Christmas lunch with my family, I returned to the place I was housesitting on the Gold Coast and stayed up until 3 am learning, writing, generating and planning how to do more with ChatGPT.

This is because I believed – and still believe that this is such as giant leap forward into saving time and encouraging creativity, that I had to know everything that I could about it.

But I didn’t stop there. Since the release on November 22, 2022, I’ve continued learning more and more. And I keep updating this course with new ideas and new findings when I do learn something new.

And while this initial mini course will give you the tools you need to use ChatGPT like a pro in just 5 days, you’ll continue to receive the updates of what I’ve been learning weekly after that.

I really hope you enjoy this mini course – and learn everything you want to learn from it!

Dante St James