I must admit that I had never heard of Sarah Magusara when I decided to look inside her personal brand.

But I have some profound respect for her now that I understand the influencer she holds and the content powerhouse she has created in her name.

Let’s take a closer look at how she does it and what we can all learn from her success.

Where you’ll find her

Sarah is active mainly on TikTok and Instagram. With 17.9 million followers on TikTok, she is Australia’s most followed influencer who is not a regular celebrity. On Instagram, she has 1.2 million followers – and given the more discerning following patterns of people on that app, that’s very impressive.

The Content


I’ve been getting a lot of death stares in London. Not sure if it’s because I’m pregnant or I’m a baddie… or both 🤷🏽‍♀️

♬ son original – ⚡️

On TikTok, the content is about fitness, fashion, goofy dancing and family life in short bursts of video. Much the same content can be found on Instagram. However, she doesn’t tend to cross-post between the platforms. TikTok stuff tends to stay on TikTok only, however, with nearly 18 times the following there than she has on Insta, it’s any wonder. She does repost some of her TikTok material on Instagram Reels, though, but by and large, her Insta is her highlight reel.

I’ll look more into her brand presence below, but I’ll preview that by saying that, on Instagram, especially, she knows exactly who she is.

The Engagement

Although we all know that follower counts can’t be trusted to be real, given the number of fake accounts and fake engagement that occurs on all social platforms, I can safely say that Sarah has a great engagement rate. We tend to see a disproportionately low reactions and comments on huge accounts with over 100,000 followers.

Sarah regularly gets tens of thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments on her posts on Instagram.

Over on TikTok, the gap between followers and reactions/comments is even more noticeable, but that’s common across all accounts on TikTok. That said, an average video, while she was pregnant with baby #2, got 265,000 reactions and over 500 comments. The views were a whopping 1.5 million for 15 seconds of her doing a goofy dance.

Sarah is the real deal. There’s no doubt about it.

The Branding

Sarah has a strong aesthetic. Whether she chose this herself or had a consultant guide her is unknown, but it’s consistent and noticeable.

She clearly leans towards two palettes; neutrals/browns and black/greys. You’ll see this repeated all over her Instagram. While there are splashes of colour, you’ll notice that those colours are not jarring on her feeds. And they are usually associated with either where she is or an event she is attending.

She’s not scared of colour at all, but understands that colour can also distract from the subject – herself – so she chooses colours that highlight specific facets of here, like her skin tone of the environment she is in.

I noticed, too, that she tends to keep her background minimalistic most of the time, even when she is outside of her usual spaces. But when she does go somewhere stunning, she lets the location be obvious but tends more to bright colour-blocked backgrounds rather than busy scenes.

The Audience

Instagram and TikTok aren’t places to gush lots of words. So her audience tend to comment with one or a few words only. Most only respond with emojis, reflecting her mostly millennial and Gen Z following.

The number of comments is impressive though. Her following is devoted and true fans. There’s not much in the way of haters or trolls at all. Whether this is due to the careful curation of the comments or just the type of following she’s attracted is unknown. But it’s refreshing not to see an influencer of Sarah’s magnitude have their comments overtaken by trolls.

I have noticed many fan accounts on Instagram, though, most of which aren’t very well followed. But when you have people imitating your feed elsewhere, you truly are influential.


What can we learn from Sarah Magusara’s personal brand and online presence?

  • She tends to stick to a few types of posts (family, fitness, dancing, travel)
  • She has a robust and consistent aesthetic (colour palette and backgrounds)
  • She doesn’t post every day but posts very regularly.
  • She doesn’t answer comments (not recommended for small followings at all)
  • She is always positive. She doesn’t have rants or bad days.
  • She produces content specifically for the platform she’s posting on
  • She limits her platforms to those that perform best for her (Insta and TikTok)
  • She puts her most considerable effort into the platform that has the biggest following (TikTok)
  • She lets us inside her family life just enough for us to feel connected but doesn’t overshare

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