A young man holding a DSLR camera while creating video content for social media

Have you ever watched a YouTube video that was so entertaining that by the time you clicked ‘like’ you woke up to realise you’d been watching for a full twenty minutes?

And you sat there thinking, “Wow, where did the time go?”

That is the magic of engaging video content.

But the big question is, how do you make interesting video content?

And how do you hook people in and then keep them watching till the end?

Let’s peel back the curtain on the art of making more interesting video content with the secret sauce of compelling storytelling, the magic of viewer interaction, and the importance of high-quality production.

In Summary: How do you create more interesting video content?

  • Compelling storytelling that resonates with your viewers because they can relate to the story
  • Viewer interaction that brings someone out of passive watching and into contributing to the conversation
  • High-quality production that removes distractions, like poor audio quality and terrible lighting so the focus is on your message and story (rather than mistakes!)

The power of visual storytelling.

Let’s look at Apple’s famous “1984” ad.

The commercial didn’t just promote a product; it told a story that viewers could connect with, a story about breaking free from conformity.

To create engaging video content, your aim should be to do the same – tell a story that resonates with your viewers. Think about your brand’s values, its origin, or how your product impacts the lives of your customers.

A story told well can lead your viewers on a journey that leaves a lasting impression.

And it certainly does make much more interesting video content to share around.

Encouraging user interaction.

Remember the time when Old Spice responded to tweets with personalized videos?

That campaign went viral because it made viewers feel seen and heard.

When creating your video content, consider how you can involve your audience.

Maybe you could host a Q&A session, respond to comments in a fun and creative way, or include user-generated content in your videos.

These methods build a community around your content and ensure viewers stay engaged.

Sometimes the art of making more interesting video content isn’t even in the video itself. It could be the call to action of the text or even a comment you’ve placed yourself.

Ads like the one above went viral to the point that the company was able to use the same actor to produce custom responses to Tweets from followers.

High quality production with a few simple tweaks.

I’m reminded of the time I advised a local bakery on the Gold Coast, on their video content strategy.

Their past videos were quite amateur, but they had great content.

So, we upgraded their equipment and taught them some filming and editing techniques.

We spent a total of around $400.

Their next video had the same endearing content, but now it was clearer, more vibrant, and much more engaging.

It goes to show that a little investment in production quality can significantly boost viewer engagement.

Higher-quality video content is more interesting video content.

Racks of freshly baked scrolls at a bakery

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