A No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Known and Getting Booked by your ideal clients.

Get noticed for your work

Develop a good reputation

Get booked by the right people

It’s frustrating watching much less capable people than yourself get all the attention, all the bookings and all the work.

But there’s almost always a reason why they tend to pick up the work you’re not getting.

While knowing the right people can play a part in it, it’s not as big a factor as you may think.

In fact, by using a very strategic approach to getting known, showing expertise and being in the right place at the right all the time, you can start picking up the work that all those others are constantly getting.

How does it work?

This is a series of things you can implement in your business over 5-steps.

It will be delivered to you over 5 weeks via individual emails a week apart that will teach you one lesson along the way to mastering the art of getting known and getting booked.

The steps in this mini-course are designed for freelancers, speakers, presenters, trainers and experts of all kinds to put into action from the very first lesson.


Dante St James

This course contains exactly the same steps I used to go from being completely unknown to being the first choice in my target market for speaking, training, workshops and panel participation.

It starts from a very blank Canvas and moves through 5 steps to become more bookable and much better known.

This mini-course is based on my own experience at growing my own reputation and influence as well as my work with hundreds of clients. This has led me to meeting thousands of business owners across Australia through my work with Business Station, the Northern Territory Government, Chambers of Commerce and Local Coucils in NT, WA and QLD as well as Meta (Facebook) Australia and New Zealand.


Dante St James