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You’re standing at the edge of a new chapter in your career or embark on the exciting journey of starting a business.

It feels like your best days are behind you.

It feels like your usefulness is over.

But you also know that there must be more than just what you’ve done already.

Remember this: your story is far from over.

This second act is your opportunity to shine brighter, to contribute something deeply valuable to the world — your unique knowledge and experience. Just as a PhD celebrates the addition of new knowledge to the world, your life’s journey can be a rich source of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Because we spend our entire lives innovating in one way or another.

So it may come as a surprise that you have something to offer in the realm of content creation. Even more surprising, you, from where you are, and where you’ve come from, have a voice that matters.

It’s hard to believe that you have the power to shape narratives, spark conversations, and push boundaries while you’re standing there, unsure of your next move. It feels ridiculous that, by sharing your life’s work and personal experiences, you can offer a distinct vantage point that challenges conventional wisdom and shines a light on unexplored ways of thinking.

There’s Power in your Lived Experiences

Let’s get this out of the way right now. You are a content creator. Even if you’re not creating online content yet, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t at least considering it.

With that in mind, your greatest asset as a content creator in this stage of life is the depth of your lived experiences. You’ve navigated challenges, celebrated triumphs, and encountered pivotal moments that have shaped who you are.

These experiences have given you a nuanced and less-than-obvious understanding of life’s complexities. After all, there is only one you with your own set of experiences and perspectives. This has allowed you to approach the topics you will one day talk about with empathy and wisdom. And this is the stuff that will resonate the most with your audience.

For example, Diane Hessan, is a technology entrepreneur who transitioned into journalism to explore the behaviour of American voters. By drawing upon her lifelong curiosity about human behaviour and her business experiences, Hessan offers unique perspectives that challenge conventional political narratives and shed light on the electorate’s motivations and concerns.

She brought her unique background and experiences to create something not only new, but profound.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

So, not that you get that you’re a content creator who is approaching your second act in business, career or even just your life, you can relax a little and know that you have the freedom to challenge long-held assumptions within your field.

That kind of thing was terrifying to think of when you were career-building. It’s not like it’s easy for someone early in their career to share their controversial theories on LinkedIn.

Yet, your experiences have likely exposed you to the limitations of long-held stories that people hold sacred in your industry. And after a while of drinking in the same stories that everyone tells in your industry, you develop a bit of a cynicism. Not enough to rant and rage against what is there, but it does enable you to identify the gaps in the collective understanding and repeated stories of your industry. And this is where fresh perspectives come from.

Take the inspiring journey of Barbara Corcoran, co-founder of The Corcoran Group. After a successful career in real estate, she transitioned into television as a “Shark” on the hit US version of the show “Shark Tank.”

Barbara leveraged her business acumen and sharp eye for potential to provide budding entrepreneurs with invaluable advice and support.

By drawing on her extensive experience, she challenges conventional investment wisdom and encourages innovative thinking, offering a fresh perspective on business growth and development.

Inspiring and Empowering Others

By adding your voice and perspective to the world’s bank of digital content, you can inspire and empower others.

By sharing your personal journey, struggles, and lessons learned along your path, you hand over a roadmap for those who are looking to follow in your footsteps or navigate similar challenges through their lives.

Lauren Tilden, founder of Good Sheila, took this approach. Through her purpose-driven paper goods company, Tilden shares inspirational quotes and encourages her audience to consider how they can make the world a better place. By weaving her personal values and experiences into her content, she creates a space for reflection and encourages others to live purposeful lives.

Embracing Diverse Perspectives

As a content creator, you have the opportunity to amplify diverse perspectives and shed light on underrepresented narratives. Your unique experiences can bridge gaps in understanding and foster greater empathy and inclusivity.

Consider content creators who share their experiences as members of marginalised communities, offering insights into often-overlooked challenges and triumphs.

By giving voice to these narratives, you contribute to a more nuanced and inclusive understanding of the world.

Leaving a Legacy

Ultimately, your content creation efforts in this second act represent an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

By sharing your knowledge, experiences, and insights, you shape narratives that will inform and inspire future generations.

Your contributions can spark new conversations, challenge long-held beliefs, and inspire innovative solutions to our challenges.

Just as a PhD celebrates the addition of new knowledge to a field, your content creation efforts can be a testament to lifelong learning, personal growth, and the pursuit of understanding.

Embrace this opportunity to share your unique voice and perspectives, and contribute to the ever-evolving collection of human knowledge.

Your journey is far from over. The world is waiting to hear your story. Step into your second act with confidence, and let your voice be heard.


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