Design Thinking Workshops in Darwin Northern Territory

Design Thinking Facilitation & Workshops in Darwin.

Building products and services that connect with your customers and stakeholders.

  • Empathise: Understanding the User
  • Define: Problem Identification
  • Ideate: Brainstorming Solutions
  • Prototype: Bringing Ideas to Life
  • Test: Validating the Solution

Design Thinking Workshop Facilitator in Darwin, Northern Territory

As a Design Thinking Facilitator, I’m here to help your organisation deeply understand your target customer.

Think of me as a customer advocate within your business, using observation and empathy to capture the essence of their needs and wants.

Example: You’re a startup that’s designed an innovative gardening tool. I would immerse myself in the world of gardening enthusiasts to understand their challenges and aspirations. I’d note how they use their tools, identify pain points, and imagine potential enhancements. This could lead to a tool redesign that’s more ergonomic, user-friendly, and popular with your target market.

I provide fresh, outside-the-box thinking to spark innovative ideas. It’s about looking beyond what is and envisaging what could be.

Example: A local government struggling with litter issues might benefit from a new approach. Through observation and engagement with community members, I might discover that an innovative recycling initiative and public art installations made from recycled materials could transform the issue into a community pride point.

I help to optimise your product or service by focusing on the end user, testing it in real-life situations, and iterating based on feedback.

Example: An app designed for a non-profit organization may initially seem perfect. But when we test it with volunteers, we find it’s too complex. By iterating and simplifying, we eventually create an app that volunteers love to use, boosting their efficiency and satisfaction.

The ultimate goal? To make your products and services better, more intuitive, and more enjoyable for your customers, leading to happy, loyal users and a thriving organisation.

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Facilitation of Design Thinking Workshops

3 hour session at your location:
$750 + GST

3 hour session at my location (catered)
$1000 + GST

Writing of your design thinking outcomes as as report

$500 + GST

Additional Options for your session

If you are located outside of Darwin, sessions can be performed either online, or in-person. In-person events are always more fruitful. A quote can be provided that include travel costs.