The guide to building your own personal brand that makes sense.

Express your values

Find your voice

Develop relationships

For consultants, solopreneurs and owners of service-based businesses, it can be hard to know exactly who you are and how to express yourself online. Especially in a crowded environment where the one asset that defines you as different is the one thing you haven’t developed yet.

Your Personal Brand is a combination of your values, voice, uniqueness, accessibility and visibility

This mini-course delivered over 5 weeks to your inbox will show you a formula that some of the most successful solopreneurs have used on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook.

Some have used it to build their businesses. Others have used to connect more closely with their followers. All of them have built more relatable, accessible and compelling personal brands.

How does it work?

These five classes help you to work out everything you need to know before get a photo shoot, buy a logo or begin to bundle your products and services into packages.

In short, this is a five-week class on working out who you are, who you’re doing it for and how to write, record and execute the online version of who you are.

And given that personal brand is more important than ever, this might just be the most timely free course you’ll ever take.


* There’s no catch – you’ll only be sent the course each week until you’re done. 

Dante St James

This is the same method I used to work out my own personal brand.

When I defined my values and found my voice, I was yet to have my first photo shoot. By watching the missteps of others who had jumped the gun to get photos done before they had worked out who they were, I learned that these steps were the most important ones to take first.

It’s based on the same principles I deliver to clients across Australia and via a number of webinars and workshops attended by hundreds of people through my work with Business Station, the Northern Territory Government, Chambers of Commerce in NT, WA and QLD as well as Meta (Facebook) Australia and New Zealand.


Dante St James