Dante St James

Get your brand message right and your marketing will come together.

  • Understand who your customer is
  • Reach them with the right message
  • Use empathy to drive consideration
  • Use effective copywriting to drive sales
  • Learn how use all kinds of marketing (not just Facebook and Google!)
  • Learn how to use TV & Radio for awareness
  • Understand sales funnels
  • Create a marketing plan that works

Your brand is what people think about and talk about your business to others when you’re not around. That makes it incredibly hard to¬† get right for a small business without a marketing team.

My process always starts with my 7-point Storytelling process that extracts the most important things to your customers and matches them with the right messages for you to deliver to them.

Once we get your brand messaging right, we make sure that all your existing marketing material delivers that message. If it doesn’t, it’s gone. Simple.

Your marketing plan is clear and achievable. No annoying content calendars for social media. No Canva templates full of irrelevant inspirational quotes.

We build a plan that is made to drive awareness for those who don’t know you, consideration for those who are shopping around and sales for those who are looking toi buy now.

And we’ll use every tool that we need to make that happen. That means more than running ads on Facebook. We look at Google, TikTok, Pinterest, TV, radio, print and out-of-home.

Your customer doesn’t care where they find you. As long as they find you.

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